Basic Judaism test


Bar Ilan University

The School for Basic Jewish Studies

Students that were accepted and study since the academic year of 5776 (2015-2016) and this is the first year of academic studies, are not required to take the test in Basic Judaism.

Veteran Students are required to take the test on Basic Judaism according to the regulations.


Dates of the tests in 5776:

Hebrew Date       Secular Date         hour            day

12 shvat                 24 Dec -15           8:30             Thurs    

16 Adar A               24 Feb. 2016      12:00           Thurs

7 Sivan                   13 June 2016       12:00         Mon (also for new olim)

12 Av                      16 Aug. 2015       12:00        Tues.


Sign up is done online through Bar Ilan's website a month before the test under ' information for students' 'sign up for tests' Basic Concepts in Judaism'


Any students having difficulties signing up can contact through the office of Basic Jewish studies by email or by calling 03-531-8671/361


** the number of students for each test is limited and the test is closed when the quota is reached



Details of required Bibliography for Exam

Part one – Practical Judaism by Rabbi Israel Meir Lau

The whole book is required. Can be found in all libraries of Bar Ilan in Hebrew , English, Rusian and Hungarian, Most library copies are for a limited period of time.

Topics from Book:

The Hebrew Calendar: Shabbat and Holidays: Rosh Hodesh, The three Pilgrimage Festivals, The High Holy days, Hanukka, Purim, Pesah, Lag Ba'Omer and the counting of the Omer, Yom HaAtzmaut,  Fast days, the four parshot. The three weeks, the calendar and the calculation of holidays.

 The Jewish Table: Meal, blessings  of enjoyment and the blessing after the meal. Laws of Kashrut: Milk and meat, forbidden foods.

The Worship of the Heart: Prayer and the Siddur: The evening, morning and afternoon  service on weekdays, on Shabbat and holidays. Blessings of sight and sound. Blessings on good and bad tidings.

Daily Mitzvot – tefillin, Mezuzah, Tzitzit.

Mitvot of the land of Israel: Trumot, tithes, Kilayim and shmittah.

Faily matters- Family life, Circumcision, Redeeming the first born, Bar Mitzva, Marriage, family purity laws, Mourning.

Part two –

(see file on Chapters in the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides )

  1. Book of Knowledge:

Laws of foundations  of Torah:  Chap. 2, 1-2. Chap. 5- 1,2, 4, 10, 11.

Laws of Penitence – chap. 5, 2-3. Chap. 7, 4 chap. 8, 1-2. Chap. 10, 1-2.

  1. Book of Occasions (Zemanim):

Laws of Shabbat chap. 1, 1-2. Chap. 2, 1-4 and 16. Chap. 5 : 1,3,4. Chap. 24: 1,12. Chap 29: 1,5,6,18,29. Chap. 30: 1-8 and 11.

Book of Judges:

Laws of Mamrim -: Chap. One, 1-5, Chap two 1-4 chap. Six, 1-15.

Laws of Mourning : chap. Six 1-5, chap. 13 1-4 and 11. Chap. Fourteen 1-4 and 9.

Laws of Kings: Chap. Five 9-12 chap. Eleven 1, 3, 4. Chap. Twelve , 1,2,4,5.

  1. No student can receive their degree without this exam. The students must be registered at the university to take the exam.
  2. To take the exam you must sign up through 'information for students' on the website or through the office for Basic Jewish studies
  3. The exam is not instead of any course
  4. Students exempt from the Basic Jewish studies are also exempt from the exam.

Wishing you success,

The Office of the School for Basic Jewish studies