Academic education:
Jan 2000 Ph.D. Bar-Ilan University Jewish Philosophy
1988 M.A Hebrew University Jewish Philosophy
1987 Teaching License Liphshitz College, Jerusalem Jewish Studies for Highschool
1982 B.A. Psychology Empire St. University, N.Y.


“The Process of Redemption in the Writings of the Vilna Gaon”. Advisors: Prof. Moshe Idel, Dr. Tamar Ross

Rabbinic Education:

Smicha (ordination) Jerusalem Rabbinate (masmichim- Rabbi Avraham Shapira and Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu

  Second Semicha- Rabbi Leib Baron (Montreal)

Experience in Formal Education

1991- Present Lecturer in Jewish Philosophy, The school for Basic Jewish Studies. Bar-Ilan University
2015-2021 research fellow through ISF grant and Lecturer at Ariel University
2010- present

lecturer in Conversion preparatory classes in Tel Aviv under the Institute for Jewish Studies of the  Jewish Agency and the Bet El synagogue.

1999-2001and 2004 -2011 Lecturer in Jewish Thought at the Rothberg Intn’l School
1995-1998 Lecturer in Jewish Philosophy at the Ashkelon College
1990-95 Lecturer in J. Philosophy, Program for Overseas Students, Tel-Aviv University
1994-96 Lecturer in Jewish Philosophy and Bible, Efrata Teacher’s College, Jerusalem
1990-94 teacher, Talmud and Bible, Efrata Elementary and Junior High-school

Administrative experience

1999- 2017 Founded and oversaw the operation of Project “Chaverim”, The Jewish Identity Program for new immigrant students.
2006-2008 Founded and ran the Lecture Bureau for Small Jewish communities in Eastern Europe under the Auspices of the Rappoport Center, Bar-Ilan University
1998-2001 Director of Jewish Cultural Affairs, Dean of Students office, Hebrew University
1993-1999 coordinated the Shabbat Yachad Programs for Young Israelis and Olim
1985-89 Chairman, Yavneh Olami, World Union of Students
1987 winter- worked with overseas students, Hebrew University

Prizes for scholarship

2019 ISF grant for research workshops on the Vilna Gaon and His students (Held on Jan. 9-11 2020 at Ariel University).
July 2016 Israel Science Foundation (ISF) four year grant for: "The research of Kabbalistic Manuscripts of the Vilna Gaon and his Disciples".
2008 Rabbi Dr. Shafran Kabbalah Research Foundation, grant to publish: A World Hidden in Time: the Vilna Gaon's Theory of Redemption.
1998 The Minister of Education’s Prize commemorating the 200th year since the Vilna Gaon, for research on the writings of the Gaon
1996-2000 Scholarship for Talented Doctoral Students – Bar-Ilan University

Prizes for Community Service

2003/2004 Jewish Agency Award for work with student olim on Israeli campuses
2008-9 Federation of NY Award for work with student olim of Israeli campuses

Award of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania (FedRom) for volunteer work with the community


August 2012 Medal of Honour from the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania for educational volunteer work with the Jewish Community

Federation of New York Award for Jewish Identity workshops with new immigrant students in Israel.

2003-2004 Jewish Agency Award for Jewish Identity program with new olim students in Israel



List of publications


1.Hagra Ubeit Midrasho- Hallamish, Rivlin and Shuchat ed., Bar-Ilan 2003

2.Olam Nistar Bemeimadei Hazman Torat Hageulashel Hagra Me-Vilna– Bar-Ilan , May 2008.

Jewish Faith in a Changing World: A Modern introduction to Classical Jewish Philosophy – Academic Studies Press, Boston (January 2012)

Kabbalat Lita: Me-Hagra ve'ad Rav Kook, R. Shuchat and M. Hallamish Ed,. July 2015 (Daat Journal of Bar-Ilan Vol. 79-80)

Credinta  Evreiasca  Intr-o Luma  Moderna, HASEFER Publishers , Bucharest. May 2016

Conversations with Rav Hayyim of Volozhin, Hebrew edition to be published by Idra Publishers (Ramat Gan) 2020



1985- “Dating the Book of Daniel”, Dor le-Dor xiii, 2, Jewish Bible Society.

1996-”The Vilna Gaon and Secular Studies”- Badad 2,  Bar-Ilan Univ.(Hebrew)

1997- “The Vilna Gaon’s Relationship to Pilpul”, Shana Beshana, Jerusalem.(Hebrew)

1998- “The Vilna Gaon’s Commentary to Mishnat Chasidim”, Kabbalah Journal, 3, Cherub Press

1998- “The Vilna Gaon’s Theory of Historiosophy and Luzzato’s Influence on His Writings”, Da’at- Journal of Philosophy and Kabbalah 40, Bar-Ilan Univ.(Hebrew)

1998-“The Land of Israel in the Writings of the Vilna Gaon”, ha-Maayan, 38,4. (heb)

1999 - “The Debate Over Secular Studies Among the Disciples of the Vilna Gaon”, The Torah U’Mada Journal, Vol. 8 Yeshiva University, New York.

Dec. 2001 – “On Researching of the Vilna Gaon’s Writing”, Badad 11, Bar-Ilan U. (h)

Apr. 2002 – “The Use of Symbolism and Hidden Messages in the Book of Ruth”’ The Jewish Bible Quarterly, xxx: 2.

2002- “The Faith of Abraham in the Study Hall of the Gr’a: Rationalism vs. Revelation”, in The Faith of Abraham, Bar-Ilan U. . Editors - M. Hallamish, H. Kasher and Y. Silman (Hebrew)

2002 -  “The Midrash As Rabbinic Thought”, Introduction to W. Shuchat’s, The Creation According To Midrash Rabbah, Devorah Publishing House, New-York- Jerusalem

2003 – “Messianic and Mystical Elements in the Study of Torah in the Writings of the Vilna Gaon” - Ha’Gra U’Beit Midrasho - M. Hallamish, J. Rivlin and R. Shuchat ed. Bar-Ilan U.

Jan. 2003 – “Perush R. Yaakov Moshe meSlonim Nehed haGra leShir haShirim”, Daat 50

2004 – “Kabbalat Lita KeZerem Azmai BaKabbalah”, Kabbalah Journal 8, Elkayam and Abrams.

2004  - “Reflections on the Popularity of Mysticism in the West Today: A General and Jewish Perspective”, Studia Hebraica 4 (University of Bucharest) (2004) pp. 332-340.

2005 - “Attitudes Towards Modern Cosmogony Among Rabbinic Thinkers in the 19th and Early 20th Century”, The Torah U’Madda Journal (vol. 13)

2006- -  “The Midrash As Rabbinic Sod”, introduction to W. Shuchat’s, The Garden of Eden and the Struggle to Be Human According to the Midrash Rabbah, Devorah Publishers, NY- Jerusalem

2006 - Studia Hebraica 5 (2005) Bucharest  "The Maturation of Jewish Monotheistic Theology".

2007 – “Kavim Makbilim Nifgashim: Halahkah ve-Kabbalah bemishnatam Shel heGra meVilna veRav Hayyim meVolozhin”, proceedings of the Conference on the Zohar in Tel Aviv U. (Teudah 21-22 (2007)

2008 - “Is there a Mitzva to Believe in God? A Legal Discussion in the Middle ages and Its Philosophical Implications”, Scripta Judaica Cracoviensia,  Vol. 6, Jagellonian University, Cracow

2008  Jan.“What is Jewish Philosophy – From Definitions to Historical Context” – Studia Hebraica 7 pp. 346-354, Bucharest.

March. 2009 - “Jonah: The Rebellious Prophet” The Jewish Bible Quarterly 37;1

June 2009 -  “Theology and the Place and Limits of Human Reason: A Discussion of Maimonides’ Thinking and a Comparison with the Zemah Zedek”,in  Maimonides in Kabbalah, HaRambam BeNivkhei Hasod, Elqayam and Schwartz ed. Ramat Gan pp. XXXVII-LV

2010 - Studia Hebraica 9/10  - “From Monologue to Dialogue: Between Jewish Thought and World Culture” pp. 33-39, Bucharest University.

2010 – “Dmuto shel hagra me-vilna al pi Rav Hayyim me-Volozhin – metziut o polemica” Daat 67

2010  “R. Isaac Halevi Herzog’s Attitude to Scientific Evolution” The Torah U’Madda Journal 15.

2010 – “Ha-He’eminu Hahmei Ha-Kabbalah Ki Ha-Olan Nivrah Be-Shisha Yamim?” BaDaD 22 pp. 75-95.

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2012 –“Lehavanat Sipurei Rabbi Nachman Mi-Breslav” (not yet in print)

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2016 – A Litvak in Montreal: The Thought of Rabbi Leib Baron (Tradition 49;1)

2016 – "Hagra MiVilna,Talmidav Ve-Heker Ha-Meshihiyut –Teshuva Le-Professor Etkes" (Zion 81,1)

2017 – Ha-zimzum Ki-Pshuto:  Iyun BeMishnatam shel Rav Emanuel Hai Rikki VeRav Shlomo Eliashoff. (Kabbalah Journal 37) pp 271 -302

2017 – "Midrashic Thinking and the Use of Symbolism",  Introduction to W. Shuchat, Abraham and the Challenge of Faith According to Midrash Rabbah, Jerusalem 2017

2017 – "Mekomam shel Kitvei HaYad be-Heker Haguto she HaGra mi-Vilna" Mehkarei Yerushalayim be-Mahshevet Yisrael 25 pp. 129 -156.

2018 : Free Will and Divine Knowledge in Medieval Jewish Philosophy: Maimonides, Gersonides and R. Shlomo Ben Adrat, Politics of Identity, Annual of Political Science, 20, 1 (2018) University of Bucharest. pp. 47-71.

2018 – R. Hayyim Volozhin's Polemic with Hassidism, Scripta Judaica Cracoviensia 16, 2018

2020 - Hagra ve-Hakabbalah: Behina me-Hudeshet shel Demuto Hahostorit. (Daat 91)

2020 - Rav Hayyim Mi-Volozhin ve-HaPulmus im HaHassidut" Moreshet Yisrael 18,2 pp. 269-298


14-16 Sept. 2020 Conference commemorating 400 years since the passing of R. Hayyim Vital. The Dept' for Jewish Thought Ben Gurion University and Yad Ben Zvi "Did R. Hayyim Vital Think that Lurianic Kabbalah was a Metaphor? A Discussion of the Vilna Gaon's Viewpoint"
Jan. 9- 11 2020 International Workshops on the Vilna Gaon's Heritage, Commemorating 300 Years since his birth, Jewish Heritage Dep't, Ariel University and Israel Science Foundation "Was R. Hayyim Volozhin's Portrayal of the Gaon Historically True"
January 6th 2020 International Conference Commemoration 300 years since the birth of the Vilna Gaon- Jewish Philsophy Dep't, Bar Ilan University and Dahan Center (Organizer and speaker)

The Use of the Gaon's manuscripts in Understanding his Thought

May 2019 Conference in Jewish Concepts of Thought, Philosophy Dep't and Jewish Studies, St. Petersburg University

"From Rational to Metaphysical: Torah Study in the Thinking of R. Hayyim Volozhin."

July 2018 European Association of Jewish Studies "R. Hayyim Volozhon's Ideological Polemic with Hassidism"
Aug.2017 World Union of Jewish Studies Conference, HU  Jerusalem

The Vilna Gaon and Kabbalah- Reconstructing the Image

January 2017 SEFER conference in Moscow "The Vilna Gaon and Kabbalah- Reconstructing the Image"
Feb. 2016 Lecture, Revel School, YU "Did the Kabbalists believe that the Universe was Created in Six Days"
March 2015 Conference: Statele France din Levant, Bucharest University and the Greek Cultural Center

"The First Crusade in the Writings of Rabbi Solomon Ben Isaac"

Feb 2015

Bernard Revel School lecture, YU

"Image of the Vilna Gaon - Halakhist, Mystic or Moderate Maskil"
June 19th 2012 organized conference with Mussaioff Center at Bar-Ilan on Lithuanian Kabbalah  
Dec. 2011 Dahan Center conference on Maimonides (Ashdod)  
June 2010 Conference of Jewish Philosophy dep’ts in Israel at Ben Gurion University

“A Methodology to Understand Rabbi Nachman’s Stories”

Mar 8, 2010 The second conference on Modern Spritualism,Haifa University

“On the Popularity of Mysticism and Kabbalah Today in the West and in Israel"

June 26-27 2008 "Jewish Culture: Between Local and universal" Goren Goldstein Center Bucharest University

"From Monologue to Dialogue: Between Jewish Thought and World Culture"

Jan. 2008 Helped Organize and lectured. 200 years since the Aliyah of the Vilna Gaon’s Students  - The Jewish History Dep’t Bar -Ilan University “Building the Temple in the Writings of the Students of the Vilna Gaon”
2005 Lectured at the 14th congress of Jewish studies at Hebrew University

“Rabbinic Attitudes to Scientific Evolution in the 19th Century”

2003 Lectured at Goren-Goldstien Center at Bucharest University for MA students “Rabbinic Attitudes to Evolution and Cosmology in the 19th Century”, and “Messianic Activism in the Early 19th Century”.
2003 Lectured at the Conference for Jewish Philosophy , Ben Gurion University

“Lithuanian Kabbalah as a Separate Trend in Kabbalah”

2001 Lectured at the 13th Congress for Jewish Studies, Hebrew University

“The Vilna Gaon According to R. Hayyim Volozhin- Reality or Polemic”

1998 Conference on the Faith of Abraham: The Dep’t of Philosophy, Bar-Ilan

“The Faith of Abraham in the Study Hall of the Vilna Gaon”.

1998 Organized and lectured at the Conference Commemorating the 200th Year after the passing of the Vilna Gaon. Dep’t of Philosophy, Bar-Ilan  
1997 Conference commemorating 250 years since the birth of R. Moses Hayyim Luzzatto

“The Theory of Historiosophy in the Writings of Ramchal and the Vilna Gaon”

1997 Conference commemorating 250 years since the birth of R. Moses Hayyim Luzzatto

“The Theory of Historiosophy in the Writings of Ramchal and the Vilna Gaon”

1997 The 12th Congress for Jewish Studies - Hebrew University “The Vilna Gaon - Reactionary or Revolutionary”




03-036-02 Jewish thought after the Holocaust Fall Semester credits equal 1 course annual hours  



03-036-03 Jewish thought after the Holocaust Spring Semester credits equal 1 course annual hours  



03-148-01 R. Nahman of Breslov's Stories and Thought Fall Semester credits equal 1 course annual hours  



03-148-02 R. Nahman of Breslov's Stories and Thought Spring Semester credits equal 1 course annual hours  



03-149-01 Jewish Identity in the twenty first century Annual credits equal 2 course annual hours  



03-509-01 Intro to Jewish Mysticism (part A) Fall Semester credits equal 1 course annual hours  



03-509-02 Intro to Jewish Mysticism (part A) Spring Semester credits equal 1 course annual hours  



03-510-01 Intro to Jewish Mysticism (part B) Spring Semester credits equal 1 course annual hours ZOOM



Kabbalah: Hassidism: Mithnagdim: Yeshivot in Lithuania; The Vilna Gaon; Eastern Eropean Jewry; Volozhin; Lurianic Kabbalah; Torah and Science; Evolution and Judaism; Rabbis of Lithuania and Poland; Early Zionism and aliyah; Redemption; Messianism.