Judaism is Our Story - Message from the Direcor of the School for Basic Jewish Studies

Judaism is Our Story

I opened the door and walked into the classroom. Students were sitting in pairs, reading, debating, and arguing over a text with one another. They did not sense my presence as I walked in the door. The lecturer walked around the classroom, speaking with the students, and the room was filled with excitement. It was one of the workshops of the School for Basic Jewish Studies, where chavruta study is an inherent part of the course. The school offers dozens of these courses on a variety of topics and themes. For more on these workshops, click here.

We also offer a variety of standard, Zoom, and online courses. None of the courses are required; students can select the courses that best suit their needs and interests.

And who are the lecturers? Rabbis? No! The courses are taught by experts in their fields – generally ones who are highly classified in student surveys, and seek to engage students and hear the responses and questions raised by Jewish texts.

All universities require students to attend some courses outside the field of their degree. Bar Ilan University has determined that the majority of optional credit requirements should involve the pursuit of Jewish studies, achieving three objectives: knowledge, experience, and identity. The School for Basic Jewish Studies provides students of all backgrounds with an opportunity to study together and discover new and surprising insights about Jewish texts, and their interpretation and meaning in the present-day. The goal is not to design consciousness, but rather, to deepen the students' familiarity with the world of Jewish thought and the roots of Jewish culture: to provoke thought, to create interest, and to broaden horizons.

Looking forward to seeing you in the workshop!


Prof. Eyal Regev

Director of the School for Basic Jewish Studies