The School for basic Jewish Studies

Are the concepts and precepts created by the Talmudic Rabbis or Maimonides relevant today, and if so, how? What can we learn from biblical leaders about modern-day leadership? What can Jewish sources teach us about economy, gender, medicine and science, tolerance, and ethics? These intellectual issues and others are pertinent to our present and future. These issues transform basic Jewish studies from a requirement – to a privilege

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Judaism is our story
The School for basic Jewish Studies, since the establishment of Bar-Ilan University, allows students to be exposed to a large selection of courses in the Bible, Talmud, Sage literature, Jewish philosophy, Israeli thought, Israeli history and Hebrew literature. This is…
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Research: Zionism and the history of the State of Israel (with emphasis on the topics of gender and memory); American Jewry during the Twentieth Century (with…
Author: Prof. Eyal Regev
The Social Archaeology of Late Second Temple Judaea From Purity, Burial, and Art, to Qumran,…