Dr. Haim Burgansky

    קורות חיים


    1997 Ph.D. Bar-Ilan University Talmud
    1989 B.A. Bar-Ilan University Talmud

    Yeshivat Merkaz HaRav

    Yeshivat Har Etzion

    Rabbinical ordination by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel

    Public Positions

    Rabbi of Hoshaya since 1992.

    Formerly a member of the Beit Hillel organization management.



    Development of Halakha; Halakah in the modern world: Halakha and social issues; Halakha and gender issues; Halakha and medicine


    workshop (Hebrew)


     Gender in Halacha - 21st Century Halacha

    Credits equal 1 Annual course hours

    Fall Semester



    workshop (Hebrew)


    Halacha and Israeli Society

    Credits equal 1 Annual course hours

    Spring Semester



    course (Hebrew)


    Halacha and Medicine - Some Issues

    Credits equal 2 Annual course hours




    course (Hebrew)


    Jewish Holidays – The Development of Traditions

    Credits equal 2 Annual course hours




    List of Publications

    Articles and Chapters in Books

    "'And Show them no Mercy' – The Development of a Commandment," Jewish Culture in the Eye of the Storm (eds. Avi Sagi and Nahem Ilan), Hakibbutz Hameuvhad and Yaakov Herzog Center for Jewish Studies, Ein Zurim, 2002, 537-568.

    "Community and Kingdom – The Attitude of Rabbi Isaac Herzog and Rabbi Shaul Yisraeli towards the State of Israel," Religion and State in Twentieth-Century Jewish Thought (ed. Aviezer Ravitzky), Israel Democracy Institution, Jerusalem, 2005, 267-294.

    "Rabbi Hayyim David Halevi's Attitude towards Secular Jews," A Living Judaism: Essays on the Halakhic Thought of Rabbi Hayyim David Halevi (eds. Avi Sagi and Yedidia Z. Stern), Shalom Hartmen Istitute and Bar Ilan University, Jerusalam, 2007.

    "Inclusion of Occupation: The Attitude of Religious Zionist Halakhic Authorities towards the Arab Residents of Israel," Studies in Religious Zionism: Developments and Changes (eds. Yishai Arnon, Yehuda Friedlander and Dov Schwartz), Bar Ilan University Press, Ramat Gan, 2012, 193-215.

    "Zionist Halakha in the Rulings by Rabbi Herzog," Jewish Law and Zionism (eds. Yedidia Z. Stern and Yair Sheleg), Israel Democracy Institution, Jerusalem, 2017, 625-648.

    "Laws of Stains – A Chapter in the Development of Halakha," forthcoming.

    Articles in Periodicals

    "On the Redaction of Mekhilta de'R. Shimon b. Yochai — Joining Homilies," Sidra 17 (2002), 5-22.

    "Rabbi Yisraeli's Halachic View on the Surrender of the Territories," Dine Israel 22 (2003), 241-267.

    " More About Halachic Rulings and Political Issues," Democratic Culture 7 (2003), 49-72.

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