Workshops in the School for Basic Jewish Studies at Bar Ilan University

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What is a Study Workshop?

Contrary to the traditional classroom, in which the teacher lectures and is the primary source of information and knowledge, in workshops a significant part of the class is devoted to self-study with study partners and debate between the students. The lecturer mediates the learning process, while the students read, discuss, and debate texts – in pairs or small groups. The study sessions are followed by a class debate. Some of the workshops apply digital-internet tools to reinforce communication between the students.

The number of workshops and participants in each workshop are limited! All other courses are frontal or traditional online style.

Why a Study Workshop?

Judaism is not what it used to be. It's more than religion, laws, and customs. Judaism is our culture; it is a source of knowledge and inspiration. The place of Judaism in our lives may change over time, and from person to person. The objectives of the School for Basic Jewish Studies are not only to better familiarize students with Jewish sources, but to challenge them with honing their own perception of Judaism in the here-and-now through a personal experience of self-study, discussion, and debate with other students.

Where do the workshops take place?

The workshops take place in rooms 003 and 103 in building 505. Please treat the equipment in the classrooms with care. Workshops are limited to 25 students.

The workshops are sponsored by Mr. Hose Rosenfeld.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Prof. Tova Ganzel

Head of the School for Basic Jewish Studies