2004 Ph.D Bar-Ilan University Bible
1993 M.A. (cum laude) Bar-Ilan University Jewish Philosophy
1987 B.Ed. (cum laude) Jerusalem College for Women                   Bible

Doctoral thesis

'The Exegetical Method of Rabbi David Kimchi (Radak)'Supervisors:  Prof. Amos Frisch (Department of Bible, Bar-Ilan), Prof. Yeshayahu Maori (Department of Bible, Haifa)

Positions Held

2004- Lecturer,Bible studies,Bar-Ilan University

Academic Administrative Positions Held in the University

2016-2018 Deputy Director, Midrasha Bar-Ilan

Teaching Experience



Course title

since 2004

Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Centre of Jewish Studies

2005 - 2012

Ashkelon-College, branch of Bar-Ilan

2006 - 2011

Lander Institute, Jerusalem

spring 2009

Academy of Jewish Religion (AJR) – Los Angeles


Awards and Honors

2017 Grant for excellence in teaching
2013 Grant for excellence in teaching
2011 Excellence award in teaching (Bar Ilan)
2001-2004 Doctoral fellowship of excellence (Bar-Ilan)
1991 Excellence award (Bar-Ilan)
1987 Excellence award (Jerusalem College for Women) 



List of publications

Articles in Periodicals (refereed articles)

'Scriptural Juxtaposition of Commandments in the Bible Commentary of Abraham Ibn Ezra', Shnaton – An Annual for Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies XVII (2007), pp. 253-277 (Heb.).

'Deviation from the Emphatic Role of Doubling ('HaKefel Lechazek') in Radak's Bible Commentary', Tarbiz LXXVII,3-4 (2008), pp. 555-571 (Heb.).

'Trust, Fear and Hope in Psalm 27', Bet Mikra 56,1 (2011), pp. 100-125 (Heb.).

'The Inner Life of Biblical Protagonists in Radak's Commentary', Bet Mikra 57,1 )2012), pp. 86-106 (Heb.).

Book Reviews in Refereed Journals

 'R. David Kimhi between Tradition and Modernity' [on: Grunhaus Naomi, The challenge of received tradition: dilemmas of interpretation in Radak's biblical commentaries, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013, 258 p.], Shnaton – An Annual for Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies 24 (2016), pp. 341-348.

Articles and Chapters in Books

'Radak on Exposition in Biblical narrative', in: ZER RIMONIM Studies in Biblical Literature and Jewish Exegesis Presented to Professor Rimon Kasher, Edited by Michael, Avioz Elie Assis, Yael Shemesh, Atlanta, 2013.

Articles in Periodicals (refereed articles)

'Exegete and Grammarian – Radak's Approach to the Singular Plural Discrepancy in Scripture', HUCA 84 -85 (2013-2014), pp. 137-158 (Heb.).

'Literary Devices in the Psalms – The Commentary of Ibn- Ezra Revisited', JSQ 22,4 (2015), pp. 377- 402.  

'Jewish Identity on Trial: The Case of Mordecai the Jew', JHS (2017) 26 pp.

'Poet and Exegete – Literary Aspects in Rabbi Avraham Ibn-Ezra's Commentary on Psalms', Megadim 57 (2018) (Heb.).

 'The Law of Levirate and Forced Marriage –Widow vs. Levir in Deut. 25.5-10', JSOT 42.4 (2108), pp. 435-456.

Articles in Periodicals

' "Fasting," "Sackcloth," and "Ashes" - From Nineveh to Shushan',accepted to VT 11.11.17.


Participation in National and International Scientific Conferences

30.7-3.8.18 SBL - EABS Conference,Helsinki, Finland “For He Had Told Them …”: Mordechai the Jew and Jonah the Hebrew; Conflict and Identity'
June 25-27, 2018 NAPH - Conference on Hebrew Language, Literature and Culture,The University of Amsterdam "Biblical Poetry and Spanish medieval Poetry in Ibn-Ezra's Biblical Commentary "
6-10.8.17 The Seventeenth World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem "Fasting,” “Sackcloth,” and “Ashes” – From Nineveh to Shushan
17 – 20.7.16 2016 EABS Conference, Leuven Belgium "The law of levirate marriage in Deuteronomy (25:5-10) and its relation to the story of Judah and Tamar (Gen. 38)"
12 – 15.7.15 2015 EABS Conference, Cordoba, Spain " Jewish Identity on Trail – The case of Mordecai the Jew and Queen Esther"
20-24 July 2014 Xth Congress of the European Association of Jewish Studies, Paris "Biblical Psalms in the Light of Medieval Spanish Poetry – The case of Avraham Ibn Ezra"
28.7 – 1.8.13 The Sixteenth World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem "Ibn Ezra's Approach towards Linguistic Similarities in Psalms and Prophecy"
10.7.13 SBL International Meeting,University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews Scotland "Rashbam's and Radak's Approach Towrds Midrash: A Comparative Study"
13-15 February 2012 International Conference in Jewish Studies on Provence Jewry,Aix-en-Provence "Radak's approach towards "number adjustment" (singular-plural discrepancy)"
22-24 May 2011 International Conference,Haifa University " Radak's method in shaping biblical characters, The diversity of Jewish biblical exegesis in the Middle Ages"
18-19 January 2010

International Conference The Aggada and its interpretation,Bar-Ilan

"Rashbam and Radak on Midrash Aggada in Genesis"
2-6 August 2009 The Fifteenth World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem "The exposition and its role among the Peshat commentators in North France and Provence"
13 May 2008 International Conference, Ariel University Center of Samaria "Verbal relations and their meaning in Psalm 27, Wisdom of Life & Life Poetry – The Convention of Biblical Passages"



workshop (Hebrew)


Genesis –Stories of the Patriarchs

2 yearly course hours


workshop (Hebrew)


Genesis –Stories of the Patriarchs

2 yearly course hours



Main Research Interests and Scientific Activities

Medieval Jewish exegesis, Biblical narrative, Psalms

Major Research Findings

Ibn- Ezra's approach to literary devices in biblical poetry

literary reading in biblical law as a tool for understanding the meaning of the law

The connections between Esther and Jonah

Future Goals

Identification and definition of the characteristics of the "subtype" of lamentations that include a broad introduction of thanksgiving.