Dr. Elchanan Shilo

תחומי עניין

The Zionist thought as an infrastructure for building a modern-Jewish identity. Connections between  philosophy and literature in the writings of modern creators such as Micha Josef Berdyczewski and A.B. Joshua; The way in which Kabbalah is expressed by modern creators, such as Rabbi Kook and Agnon;The fiction in  Rabbi Nachman of Braslav's tales;Jewish spirituality and revival in Israel and American Judaism;  Political history of the State of Israel.

    קורות חיים

    Dr. Elhanan Shilo holds a B.A in Jewish Philosophy and  General Studies (including Philosophy and Bible Studies)  from the  Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Master's degree in Jewish philosophy from Bar-Ilan University. The topic of his A.M. thesis: "Kabbalistic Strata in the Thought of Rabbi Kook and their Relationship to Hegel's Philosophy and to the Spirit of the Time", under the supervision of  Prof Aharon Shear-Yashuv. The topic of his Ph.D Thesis: "The Use and Literary Function of Kabbalah in the Works of S.Y.Agnon", was awarded  summa cum laude,  written under the supervision of  Prof. Yoav Elstein, in the Department of Literature of the Jewish People, Bar Ilan University.  Post-Doc: Jewish Philosophy at the  Hebrew University. In this framework, Shilo was a scientific project coordinator of  Prof. Jonathan Garb book:  Modern Kabbalah as an Autonomous Domain of Research.

    Shilo's books: The Kabbalah in the Works of S.Y. Agnon and:The Story of the "Nablus Group" (1969-1973),

     A Forgotten Chapter in the History of the Settlements,  (Accepted for publication).

    Shilo published a manuscript with commentary of the Lurianic Kabbalah and the Kabbalah of Ramchal written by Rabbi David Cohen (Hanazir), in Or Harazim and Pitche Hapardes.

    He also wrote Creative thinking in the book: Existential Judaism, which comes to give an original foundation and a new perception for population that is between of  religious and secular.


    Zionist thought

    Hebrew literature

    Political history of the State of Israel.

    Interpretation of modern creators to the Kabbalah of Ramchal and R. Yizhak Isaac Haver.

    Hassidic fiction with an emphasis on the stories of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav.

    Jewish renewal and neo-Hasidism.


    List of publications

    Authored Books

    The Kabbalah in the Works of S.Y. Agnon, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, 2011.  (Heb).440  pp.

    Existential Judaism, Schocken Press, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv2017 , 270 pp. (Heb).

    Publications of Manuscripts  

     Publication of manuscript  writings of Rabbi David Cohen (Hanazir), commentary  Klach  Pitche Chochma of  Ramchal, Pitche Hapardes (Hebrew) 594 pp. Jerusalem 2009 including an introduction and super commentary on the manuscript (Heb).

     Publication of manuscript  writings in Kabbalah of Rabbi David Cohen (Hanazir): Or Harazim (Hebrew), Jerusalem 1999, 68 pp (Heb).

     Literary Scientific Project Organizer

    A scientific publication of all  the tales of  Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav, headed by Prof. Zvi Mark. The  Complete Tales of  Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav (2014) focusing on all the versions of his written texts.  The publication is funded by the ISF. (Israel Scientific Foundation) (Heb).

    Jonathan Garb,  Modern Kabbalah as an Autonomous Domain of Research, Los Angeles 2016, Cherub Press 90 pp (Heb).

    Editorship of collective volumes

     Publication of unknown documents and papers of Rabbi Kook in: Moshe  Yechiel  Zuriel,  The Treasures of Rabbi Kook (Hebrew) Vol. 4, Ashdod 1993, 336 pp (Heb).

    Refereed Articles

       Amir Goldstein & Elchanan Shilo, "Generational Crossover: Passing the Torch from the Labor Movement for the Greater Land of Israel onto Gush Emunim", Israel Affairs 28 (1) (2021), p. 45-59.

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     “Imprints of the Kabbalah in two works by Agnon from the German Period: A look at ‘Aggadat Hasofer’ and  ‘Ma’aseh Azriel Moshe Shomer Has’farim’ " Agnon & Germany,

    edited by Hans-Jürgen Becker, Hillel Weiss, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan,  2010 pp. 391 - 426.

    "National symbols and kabbalistic motives in Lea, Agnon's heroine in Lifnim min ha-homah" Dapim Lemehkar Besafrut, Haifa University Journal of Literature, 18, 2012, pp. 165 – 188 [Hebrew].

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    Amir Goldstein & Elchanan Shilo, "Menachem Begin and the Question of the Settlements: 1967–1977", British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 47 (2020), p. 1-20.

    Amir Goldstein & Elchanan Shilo, "The Schem Group's Attempts to Establish an Israeli Settlement in Nablus and Vicinity, 1969-1970", Iyunim 34 (2020), P. 95-123. [Hebrew].   

    Entries in Scientific Encyclopedia

    "Treasure under a bridge", Thematological Encyclopedia of Jewish Literature, Bar Ilan University, Volume 4. 2018, pp 223-266 [Hebrew].

    Accepted for publication, "The chosen dream", Thematological Encyclopedia of Jewish Literature, Bar Ilan University, Volume 4. 2018, pp. 157-186 [Hebrew].

    Unrefereed Professional Articles

    "The Logic of the Mystery", Alon Shvut, 1995 No. 143 – 144, pp. 144 – 156.

    "On the necessity of creating a new religiosity", Deot , July 2005, P. 5.

    "The Hebrew letters that make up Agnon's name" Makor Rishon, Musaf Shabat, 8/8/2008..

    "It's not a package deal", Makor Rishon, Musaf Shabat, 16/1/2009.

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    An Entry in a Ciber Encyclopedia

    "King Solomon's daughter in the tower", (Agadastories, Snunit, Beit Avi Chai).

    Lectures and Presentations

    2017 The 16th Congress of the World Union of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem "The Desire for a Disaster as a Jewish Pathology: Between the Evening Journey of Yatir by the Young Abraham B. Yehoshua and The Retrospective  by the later Abraham B. Yehoshua"
    2013 The  Congress of the World Union of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem "Berdyczewski: Between Revolutionary Declarations and Cultural Continuity"
    2013  A conference on religious experience in a secular world,Sapir Academic College, "Mitzvah observance without commandments"
    2012 A conference dedicated to the Kabbalah in Lithuenia, Bar Ilan University "The influence of Rabbi Isaac Haver on Rabbi Kook's interpretation of the Kabbalah"
    2012 The 28th Conference  of  the Association for Israel Studies,  Haifa University "The Zionist Roots of the Canaanaite Movement"
    2011 A public discussion on the occasion of the publication of my book: The Kabbalah in the Works of S.Y. Agnon, Agnon's Center, Jerusalem "My personal experiences in the study of the imprints of the Kabbalah in Agnon's works"
    2011 "On Conversion", A conference, Bar Ilan University "The solution to the question of non-Jewish immigrants: Identity and definition of Israeli Jews"
    2009 The 15th Congress of the World Union of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem "The concept of Zimzum , Between Rabbi Kook and Chabad"
    2009 A conference on the study of Judea and Samaria, Ariel University "The loss of the Old City of Jerusalem, a study of Lea, Agnon's heroine in Lifnim min ha-homah"
    2006 A conference on Agnon's works, Haifa University "Imprints of the Kabbalah and its literary use  in Agnon's works"
    2005 The  14th Congress of the World Union of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem "Imprints of the Kabbalah  in Agnon's literary works"
    2001 The 13th Congress of the World Union of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem "Rabbi Kook – Between Hegel's Philosophy and the Ari Mysticism"


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