Dr. Leore Sachs- Shmueli

    קורות חיים


    2014-2019 Ph. D Bar-Ilan University Jewish Thought Department
    2009-2012 M.A.(Summa cum Laude) Bar-Ilan University Jewish Philosophy
    2009–2012 B.A (Summa cum Laude) Bar-Ilan University Psychology and Philosophy
    Ph. D. title:

    "The Rationale of the Negative Commandments by R. Joseph Hamadan: A Critical Edition and Study of Taboo at the Time of the Composition of the Zohar".Supervisor: Prof. D. Abrams

    M.A. thesis:

    " Seder Gan Eden – Critical Edition and Study (with annotations by Gershom Scholem)."Supervisor : Prof. D. Abrams.

    Professional Appointments:

    2020- Lecturer (Faculty Member), the Department of Jewish Thought, Bar Ilan University
    2019-2020 Golda Meir Fellowship (applying through the Lady Davis Fellowship), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, under the supervision of Dr. Avishai Bar Asher
    2019 Research Fellow in the Nahmanides Project (ISF), Ben Gurion University, under the supervision of Pro. Oded Yisraeli
    2016- 2018 Visiting Scholar, History Department, Columbia University, under the supervision of Pro. Elisheva Carlebach

    Honors, Grants, and Awards (including Membership in Professional Societies):


    Grant for the German Israeli Minerva School entitled: “‘My Heart Stands in Fear of Your Word’- The Historical and Cultural Significance of the Fear of Sin in Jewish Literature,” Co-Leader with Dr. Partick Koch, Hamburg University.

    2020 Harry Starr post- doctoral fellowship (was accepted but declined it in favor of the position at Bar Ilan University).
    2019 Kreitman post-doctoral scholarship (was accepted but declined it in favor of the Lady Davis fellowship in Hebrew University).
    2019 Ben Zevi Award Supporting the study of Jewish communities in the East.

    Memorial Foundation post-doctoral grant.


    Nathan Rotenstreich Scholarship, The Council of the Higher Education in Israel scholarship for Outstanding Doctoral Students in the Humanities.


    Bar Ilan University’s President’s Scholarship for outstanding Ph.D. students.

    2015- 2017 Memorial Foundation’s Grants for Ph. D Candidates.
    2016 Naphtali Wieder's Prize for an Excellent Graduate Student, Ben Zvi Research Institute.

    The Mozes S. Schupf Fellowship Program for outstanding doctoral candidate, Bar Ilan University.

    2014­2016 Psychoanalysis and Kabbalah Research Group, Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem.
    2015 Gaon’s Prize for outstanding Ph. D students, Gaon Center, Ben Gurion University.
    2015 The Jerusalem Spanish Center’s Grant for excellent Ph. D candidates.

    Spiritual Feminine Leadership Research Group, Schocken Jewish Research Institute.


    “Ha-Nivcharim” Scholarship for excellent students, Bar Ilan.


    Dean Outstanding Student in Psychology.

    2010 Dean Outstanding Student in Psychology.
    2009 Rector Award for Excellent Students.

    Teaching Experience Highlights:


    Initiator and Co-Leader of “Sin and Fear in the Modern Period Workshop for Young Scholars”, the Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem.

    2019-2020 Zohar and Kabbalah Group Facilitator, Havruta Beit Midrash, Hebrew University.

    Hebrew and Judaic Studies Teacher qualified by the Claudia Cohen Women Educators Institute, Magen David Yeshiva, Brooklyn .

    2015-2016 Co-Leader of Group for Woman Researchers, Midrasha of Bar Ilan University.

    Teacher of Jewish Philosophy, Amana High School, Kfar Sava.



    Taboo, Commandments, Sexuality, philology, reincarnation ,Hasidism, Kabbalah, Gender, Ritual 

    course (Hebrew) 030102-01 Workshop: Gender and Sexuality and Modern Jewish Mysticism  Fall Semester credits equal 1 annual course hours
    course (Hebrew) 030104-01 Workshop: Body and Soul in Modern Jewish Thought Spring Semester credits equal 1 annual course hours



    List of Publications:


    Leore Sachs-Shmueli, ‘Shekhinah and the Revival of Feminine God Language’, Modern Judaism: A Journal of Jewish Ideas and Experience 39 (2019), pp. 347-369.

    Leore Sachs-Shmueli, ‘“The Secret of Incest” — Ms. Cambridge, Cambridge University Library Dd. 4.2.2’, Kabbalah 45 (2019), pp. 49-78. 

    Leore Sachs-Shmueli, ‘The Introduction to Sefer Toldot Adam’, Qovetz Al Yad 26 (2018), pp. 47-76 [Hebrew].

    Leore Sachs-Shmueli, ‘The Reception of the Dual Channels Concept in Cordovero’s Doctrine of Evil’, Kabbalah: Journal for the Study of Jewish Mystical Texts 36 (2017), pp. 117–158 [Hebrew].

    Leore Sachs-Shmueli, ‘“I Arouse the Shekhina”: A Psychoanalytic Study of Anxiety and Desire of the Kabbalah in Relation to the Object of Taboo’, Kabbalah 35, pp. 227-266 [Hebrew].

    Leore Sachs-Shmueli, ‘Miriam as a Feminine Role Model in Zohar Literature’, Kabbalah 33 (2015), pp. 183­–210 [Hebrew].

    Leore Sachs-Shmueli, ‘R. Joseph of Hamadan’s Commentary to the Ten Sefirot’, Kabbalah 32 (2014), pp. 227­-321[Hebrew].

    Leore Sachs-Shmueli, ‘Seder Gan Eden – Critical Edition and Study (with annotations by Gershom Scholem)’, Kabbalah: 28 (2012), pp. 191-299 [Hebrew].

    Accepted for Publication

    Leore Sachs- Shmueli, “Maimonides' Rationalization of the Incest Taboo and its Reception in the 13th century Kabbalah and its Affinity to Aquinas,” Harvard Theological Review [forthcoming  2020]

    Leore Sachs- Shmueli, ‘A Castilian Debate about the Aims and Limits of Theurgic Practice: Rationalizing Incest in the Zohar, the Writing of R. Joseph Hamadan and R. Moses De León’, in Accounting for the Commandments in Medieval Judaism, edited by Jeremey Brown, Brill EJM series [forthcoming June 2020].

    Leore Sachs- Shmueli and Aviad Goldman, ‘The Theosophic Sanctification of the Family in Thirteenth- Century Spain: Kabbalistic and Halakhic Perspectives’ [Hebrew], Pe'amim: Studies in Oriental Jewry.

    1. Submitted

    Leore Sachs- Shmueli, R. Joseph of Hamadan’s Book of Rationale of Negative Commandments: Critical Annotated Edition [Hebrew], under review- and resubmit process in the World Union of Jewish Studies’ Press

    Leore Sachs- Shmueli, Kabbalistic Encyclopedia: R. Joseph of Hamadan Sefer Toledot Adam [Hebrew], submitted to Ben Zevi Press

    Academic Papers presented at Workshops and Conferences (Highlights)

    February 2020 The Fourth Annual Conference of the Israel Association for Religious Studies “Kabbalistic Ritual for Repairing the Ontological Damage of Transgressions,” & Session coordinator: Rituals in Kabbalah
    2020 Kabbalah and Halakha Scholars’ Workshop, Bar Ilan University “Prohibitions as an Ontological Category in Kabbalistic Rationalizing of the Commandments”
    2020 An Online Conference Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of Hayyim Vital’s Death “The Tension between the Nuclear Family and the Male Fraternity: From Spain to Zefat, and from Zefat to Podolia”
    2020 Oxford Summer Institute Online “Fear: The Prominent Emotional Feature of Prohibitions in Kabbalah”
    February 2019 The Israeli Association for the Study of the History of Italian Jews “The Italian Hermeneutical Response to Changes in Kabbalistic Traditions”
    2019 The Vilna Gaon’s Heritage Conference “Sin’s Effect on the Subject Formation and Relationship with God: The Modern Adaptation of Kabbalistic Traditions in Nefesh ha-Hayim and Liqutei Amarim”
    2017 The 17th World Congress of Jewish Studies “Reception and Hermeneutics in Recanati’s Torah Commentary: The Paraphrases from Joseph of Hamadan’s Rationale of Commandments”
    2017 AJS 49th Annual Conference, Washington “The Unique Features of Prohibition in Kabbalah”
    2017 Canadian Society for Jewish Studies Annual Conference, Montreal “The Secret of Incest as a Mystical Key to Supernal World”
    2016 AJS 48th Annual Conference, San Diego “A Zoharic Commentary on the Sinew of the Thigh: Did a Late Aramaic Translation of a Castilian Literary Interpretation Enter the Printed Book of the Zohar?,” & Session organizer of: “Between the Spirit and the Pen: Textual Dynamics in the Production of Jewish Mystical Literature”
    2016 Oxford Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies Oxford Summer Institute on Modern and Contemporary Judaism
    2016 Annual Graduate Conference on Religion at Harvard Divinity School “Knowing God through the Taboo of Incest in Kabbalah”
    2015 Zohar Literature’s International Conference at Ben Gurion University and Yad Ben Zvi Institute You Are My Sons Truly’: Between the Real and Sublime in Zoharic Literature”
    2015 Leeds’ Medieval Conference, Leeds university, England ‘”The Castilian Reception of German Pietist Practices for Redemption from Sin: The Case of R. Joseph Hamadan”
    2015 Schocken Jewish Research institute and Bar Ilan University Conference on Spiritual Feminine Leadership, Ramat Gan, Israel “Spiritual Feminine Leadership in Liturgical Writing”
    2014 Zohar Literature and Generation Conference, Ben Gurion University ‘“I Arouse the Shekinah’: A study of Joseph Hamadan’s Teachings and their Affinity to the Zohar, from a Psychoanalytic Perspective’
    2011 Zohar Literature and Generation Conference,” Ben Gurion University  


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