Outline M.A. protocol

Students who are graduates of Bar-Ilan University are required to complete credits equal 2 annual hours  from each of the four fields of Basic Jewish Studies (Codes 01 - 04, i.e., Judaic Courses). Students who are not graduates of Bar-Ilan University or did not complete their B.A. degree at Bar-Ilan University must complete credits equal 4 annual hours of courses offered by the School of Basic Jewish Studies (Codes 01 - 04, i.e., Judaic Courses);

Non-Jewish students are exempted from Judaic Courses, but nonetheless must complete the equivalent of credits equal  4  (or 2) annual hours  of either Judaic or General Courses. Students selecting this option must submit an Official Request Form to TALAM and formally request replacing the Basic Jewish Studies requirement with general courses.

The credits should be accumulated through the degree.

For further information please read the department's instructions Here.